Preparation and Characterization of Linseed Oil Based Nanoemulsion for Transdermal Delivery of Losartan

Atanu Sinhamahapatra*1, Ishita Singha2, Nibedita Pati3

Dr. B.C.Roy College of Pharmacy & AHS. Durgapur, West Bengal, India.



Conventional delivery of losartan through oral route suffers from very low bioavailability (~38%). In the present work, we have explored the efficacy of nanoemulsion system for consisting of linseed oil, tween 80, span 80 (2:1) and water for transdermal delivery of losartan. While the average droplet size of the nanoemulsion lied in a range of 287 to 350 nm, zeta potential of -50mV was recorded. Exhaustive stability tests on the formulation containing the maximum entrapped drug (~78%) revealed that the nanoemulsion was stable both under conditions of stress, and in long term storage. The pH of formulation was recorded to be 5.38± 0.01 and was considered fit for transdermal applications. A low permeation flux through porcine skin of 1.39 μg/cm2/h from  the optimized formulation revealed that the nanoemulsion is an ideal carrier for delivery of losartan in lengthy therapeutic schedules.

Keywords: nanoemulsion; linseed oil; transdermal; losartan

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