Aim: The purpose of the present research work was to formulated and evaluated herbal cream. The objectives of this research work were to formulate the cream which does not cause any adverse or side effects, with anti-microbial properties.

Methodology: The present study was to prepare and evaluated the polyherbal cosmetics cream comprising extracts of natural products with Krishna Tulsi as the main active ingredient. The method utilized to prepare herbal cream was very lucid. Different types of formulation of oil in water (O/W) F1 to F5 were formulated by integrating different concentrations of stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, propylene glycol, and potassium hydroxide. The evaluations of all parameters like pH, stability study, spreadability studies and anti-microbialstudy were examined.

Results: Several advantages are offered by Herbal creams over other creams. The majority of existing or others cream which has concocted from drugs of synthetic origin, such as acyclovir, triamcinolone, different drugs gives fairness to appearance, nonetheless it has several side effect such as irritating or several allergic reactions. Herbal cream sorts out to have nothing of any of these side effects, and helps fairness look to skin. Formulation F2 and F3 shows no edema, redness, irritation and inflammation during irritancy studies.

Conclusions: These studies suggested that composition of extracts and foundation of cream of F2 and F3 are more stable and safe. These formulations are safe to use for skin. From the prevailing examination and procured results it might be concluded that it's possible to broaden poly natural cream containing natural extracts having anti-oxidants belongings and which can be formulated to act as a barrier or to defend skin, also to make cosmetic cream.

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