Consciousness, a step forward towards scientific interpretation from spiritual perception

Souvik Basak*

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Mr. Souvik Basak, N1.2-B3-15, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, 62, Nanyang Drive, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore – 637459.

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Theories have been postulated to define consciousness through spiritual perception, often lacking proper scientific justification to explain it. However, scientifically it can be encrypted as a physically interacting self that comprises both matter and force particles. These elementary entities have been originated from the very point of big bang through the diversification of force field and subsequent matter-antimatter reaction. Materialistically, consciousness has been considered as self awareness resulting from in and out flow of thought waves. With substantial thermodynamic stability of the universe, the nucleosynthesis reaction yielded stable atomic nuclei releasing all spread cosmic background microwave radiation (CMBR). Afterwards, the quantized thought waves had been found to have energy equivalence with this CMBR radiation. In addition, emission of biophotons has been proved experimentally to be important in cell-cell signalling. It also bears similar radiofrequency vibration with CMBR, thus proving to be carriers of universal consciousness. In other words, biophotons are correlated with the evolution of thought waves that churn self consciousness by interaction with the surrounding atmosphere together with all its macro and micro states.

Keywords: Consciousness, Spiritual, Big Bang, Thought waves, Biophotons, TCP, TRP.


The driving force of mankind and our civilization is, controversially, will power and consciousness. The indigenous channelization of consciousness keeps the civilization ongoing. But the question is that, does the consciousness lie as a complete spiritual phenomenon or it manifests itself as an integrated algorithm universe-wide to inter-unite every object materialistically? Early Vedic knowledge depicts consciousness as a true self that originates as a framed image from the interplay of brain and other neuronal networks [1]. Prof Wigner, tried to bridge the gap between consciousness and science by saying that "The very study of the physical world leads to the conclusion that the concept of consciousness is an ultimate reality and, all the possible knowledge, concerning objects can be given as its wave function" [2]. Professor Ashok Sharma, a former Indian professor of Applied Physics, who was also a scientist at Harvard University, has formulated some path-breaking theories and postulations based on the ancient knowledge. Consciousness, according to Prof Sharma, “is a non-physical entity, which is essentially different from the four basic entities of space, time, energy and matter of the conventional science. Consciousness does not have any physical attribute or property or action, but is endowed with autonomous will power of creation, retention and annihilation of the knowledge of an individual or that of the universe” (Das, Thus, scientists have initiated attempts to interrelate the materialistic world to the spiritual world of consciousness. In this study, a little attempt has been undertaken to investigate the interrelationship between science and consciousness.


Inside “Planck epoch” i.e. up to the time approximately 10-43 seconds after time zero (t=0) in the space-time continuum, there was unified force involving gravitational force as a fundamental force. This was the aboriginal singularity, which latter unfolded into all other existing physical forces due to “symmetry breaking”. The Big bang theory suggests that the universe originated from singularity, thus there was nothing before the singularity. Hence it is a plausible assumption that everything including life and all other driving forces associated with this, originated from this singularity [3].

A few minutes into the expansion, when the temperature was about a billion kelvin and the density was about that of air, combination of proton with neutron yielded world’s first Deuterium and Helium through a process known as Big Bang nucleosynthesis [4]. Most protons remained isolated to form hydrogen nuclei. As the Universe cooled, the rest mass - energy density of matter went higher to supersede the photon radiation thus inlaying the gravitational force as a significant force in the world. After a time period of 379,000 years after the big bang, the electrons and the nuclei combined into atoms (mostly hydrogen ); resulting release of the extra energy in form of radiofrequency radiation. This relic radiation subsequently spread all over the space and latter has been known as the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) [5]. This radiation has been proved to be the medium of thought waves as described later.


To quantize consciousness, approaches were undertaken to correlate the same with thought force as acknowledged by many ancient citations. For example, Atkinson 1908 reported that thought force is a self healing force that can be generated inside body in case of self-emergency condition [6]. He acknowledged that nature manifests itself within body through the blood and other carrier molecules that, under diseased condition, sends signals to brain. Brain, with thought force, propagates the healing messengers unimpeded which can be felt with body consciousness as an output of warmth in special regions.


The concepts of thought force became furthermore interesting in the 20 th century when the concept of “biophotons” had started emerging. Scientists reported that radiations had been recorded from cells such as bacteria, algae, fungi, nematodes and mammalian cells [7-14]. This radiation lied between Infra-red range (1000-1500 cm-1) to radiofrequency range (5 kHz-9 MHz), which interestingly matches with CMBR radiation over the space. The emitted radiation was often named as Ultra Weak Photon Emission (UPE).

The origination of background radiation was investigated and subsequently was demonstrated as an output of a series of physicochemical phenomena occurring inside body. For example, Frolich et al. [15-17] proposed a model that cellular UPE generates as a result of eletromagnetic vibrations of charged or polar molecules inside cell. In this model, every polar molecule inside cell vibrates with a special frequency due to metabolic energy that, when surpasses a critical level, aligns the molecules coherently in a single vibrational state. This predicts the emission of electromagnetic field (EMF) spectra in the range of 100-1000 GHz. Latter it has also been proved that microtubules as well as mitochondria are also sources of EMF generation [18].

It has been generally accepted postulate that reactive oxygen species (ROS) is the main sources of emitting radiation from a biological species. The ROS produced due to oxidative stress, is often coupled with unpaired electron in high energy state. The energy is often radiated as conventional phospholuminiscence phenomenon when electron from excited state comes down to ground state. Researchers measured this light emission from various species starting from cytoplasm to plant leaf homogenates [19-21].

Cell communication via EMF or UPE has also been acknowledged by scientists from past to recent years [22, 23]. According to Galle and Ho, each biological system can produce a complex wave of characteristic pattern which is, probably, species specific [24, 25]. It has also been illustrated that, the EMF wave pattern being alike, interference between two waves are possible. Thus, two biological systems can interact or communicate with each other by emitting similar pattern of waves, inducing interference and thence receiving signal to trigger the intracellular messengers [26]. I believe that this scientifically existing biophoton has been the quantitative interpretation of thought force that in turn, is quantized in form of TCP and TRP as described latter.


In recent years, Pal and De mentioned that thought force is carried by force carrying particle, namely as thought carrying particle (TCP). Consummative effect of thought carrying particle (TCP) with thought retaining particle (TRP) results in consciousness that, according to the authors, is a form of quantized energy. They have also reported the TCP mass equivalent to 5.5x10-37 g or 3.09 x 10-13 GeV. According to the authors, the quantized universal conciousness energy corresponds to the universal temperature that was measured as 2.73 K by Penzius and Wilson in the CMBR background [27]. Recently, the concept of thought force was reinforced by Miguel Nicolelis ( Duke University , Durham, North Carolina ) and a group of researchers involving John Donoghue ( Brown University ), Andrew Schwartz ( University of Pittsburgh ) and Richard Andersen ( Cal ifornia Institute of Technology). They claimed to have trained Rhesus monkey successfully to move a set of robotic arms by its own brain signals and thereby grab fruits to feed itself [28, 29].


Dr. John Hagelin, in a research article, proposed a technique called transcendental meditation (TM) to centralize consciousness in a personalized self. “The Transcendental Meditation technique has been described as a systematic means for taking the conscious mind from active levels of awareness to more abstract and fundamental levels of mental activity, resulting in the experience of pure consciousness”. Subsequently, it has been reported that, this state of self-accumulating consciousness could eventually lead to alteration of a plentiful of physiological and biochemical states. The noted observations, mostly, fall into one of these categories: (1) indicators of deep rest, which include alternative breathing patterns, reduced blood lactate, and decreased glycolytic metabolism; (2) signs of increased alertness, such as faster reaction times and faster recovery of motor reflexes; and (3) indications of reduced levels of stress and improved resiliency to stressful experiences, for example, lowered plasma cortisol and faster recovery of normal galvanic skin resistance following a loud noise [31, 32].


To conclude, Scott Hammond has inferred in an article that thought is an electromagnetic field that creates wave for our brain to communicate with the cells. According to him, thought force is a unified field that is hold within DNA during origination of every species. In another way, a matter can neither be created, nor be destroyed. Thus, when the matter absolves at absolute zero or inside the blackhole, it is returned to universal consciousness. Since everything in universe is in order, the universe acts like a system or a body. Life in universe manifests as its soul; and as a cohesive unit of this, consciousness spreads unimpeded through the binding energy of DNA molecules. Singularity, in materialistic sense, is the depiction of universal consciousness.



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