Sustained Release In Situ Gelling Systems Of Metformin: Formulation Development

Pinaki Sengupta*, Noor Fazilah Bt Zainal Abidin, Uttam Kumar Mandal & Bappaditya Chatterjee

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Kulliyyah of Pharmacy,

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Malaysia



Metformin hydrochloride has relatively short plasma half-life and low absolute bioavailability. Administration of the medication several times per day in high dose is therefore necessary to compensate the decrease in drug plasma concentration resulting poor patient compliance. Development of the sustained release oral solution of metformin can be a better alternative to overcome the problems associated with the existing solid oral dosage forms of the drug. In situ gelling systems are polymeric formulations that are in solution form before entering into the body, while change to gel form under the physiological conditions. In this study an in situ gel-forming sustained release solution of metformin hydrochloride was prepared with sodium alginate as a gelling agent, which can get converted to gel in the presence of divalent-cations inside the body. The formulation was evaluated for in vitro drug release profile. The formulation showed sustained release behaviour over a period of 12h dissolution experiment. The developed in situ gelling systems can be a better alternative to the existing conventional oral dosage form of metformin hydrochloride.

Keywords: Metformin hydrochloride, In situ gel, Sustained release solution.

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