2D QSAR Study of 1, 3, 4 – OxdiazolePossessingBenzimidazoleMoiety as Potential Anticancer Agents

UjjwalSahoo*,A.K.Seth, R. Balaraman

Recently Oxadiazole derivatives, such as 1, 3, 4-Oxadiazoles have been discovered as novel anti-cancer agents. Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship studies have been conducted on a series…

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Effect of Ethyl Acetate Fraction of Flowers of PterospermumAcerifolium (L) Willd.on Wound Healing in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetes

Rita Pal, PapiyaMitraMazumder*, Paramaguru R, TrishnaBal, ChandaRanjan, IshaniMondal

Pterospermumacerifolium(L.)Wild.has been reported to possess both wound healing as well as hypoglycemic properties. Hence, an effort has been made to further explore the plant’s efficacy in wound…

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Sustained Release In Situ Gelling Systems of Metformin: Formulation Development

PinakiSengupta*, Noor FazilahBtZainalAbidin, Uttam Kumar Mandal&BappadityaChatterjee

Metformin hydrochloride has relatively short plasma half-life and low absolute bioavailability. Administration of the medication several times per day in high dose is therefore necessary to compensate the decrease in drug…

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Marine zooceuticals– synergy of zoology & pharmaceuticals

DipanAdhikari and Subhabrata Ray*

In the medicine world now a new term zooceuticals is often heard. It is a term, which deals with the influence of drugs of zoological origin on pharmaceutical science. There are several medicines, which…

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Nanopiezotronicsin Biological and Medical Field

RatnaJyoti Das, PriyankaYadav and BhaskarMazumder*

A new research field, nanopiezotronics refers to generation of electrical energy at nanometer scale through mechanical stress to the nanopiezotronic device. This is the new approach of the…

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Analytical Technique HPTLC for Herbal Analysis


In herbal analysis, High-performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC) is one of the useful analytical techniques for qualitative and quantitative analysis. It was developed to permit more precise auto spotting of the…

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Review of Pharmacological Activity of ZingiberOfficinale

Deepak Abhichandani, ManojGoyal *, Sandeep Kumar Yadav, KumkumMathur, B. P. Nagori

Zingiberofficinale(family: Zingiberaceae) is best known as pungent and aromatic spice ginger. The Ginger has many medicinal uses, various pharmacological studies reported…..

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Microencapsulated Ketoprofen Loaded Suppositories for Rectal Administration

AbinashMalla*, RadheshBadatya, SibaSankarPradhan

The present work aimed to develop ketoprofen loaded microparticle based sustained release suppositories for rectal administration in order to enhance bioavailability of the drug as well as overcome first pass metabolism after….

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IPR Provisions and Amendment of Indian Patent Act 1970: Impact on Access to Medicine

Subhash C. Mandal*

The applications of the dose-response models of infection for various pathogens and objectionable microbes have been developed to assess the probability of the infection for specific microbes. The use of such models

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Application of Dose-Response Model of Infection in the Risk Assessment for Contamination Health-Hazard from Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms


Indian Patent act that been amended in 1970 was a paradigm shift from pre-independence Patent actregime, which had allowed process patent and duration of patent was only for 7 years. On the basis of this act Indian pharmaceutical industry started to…..

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A Review on Implantable and Insertable Drug Delivery Systems

Susmita Das, Sanjit Kumar Roy, Piu Das, Radharani Panda, Suraj Sharma, Sweet Naskar and KetousetuoKuotsu,*

Implantable drug delivery system is an umbrella term comprising several technologies including polymeric controlled release system, matrix and erodible and rupturable membrane, pumps acting on various stimuli…

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Evaluation of Anti Diarrheal Activity of Methanolic Rhizome Extract of Drynariaquercifolia (Linn.) J. Smithin Albino Rats

RanjanPadhy*, Sanjeeb Kumar Patro, Santosh Kumar Dashand DinakarSasmal

Exploration ontherapeutic screening of Pteridophytes is comparatively scanty. Drynariaquercifolia(Linn.) J. Smith (family: Polypodiaceae), a newly reported pteridophyte from South Odisha, is an important herbal of antidiarrheal…

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