Tert-butyl Group Substitution in the Ring-B of Murrayanine-Chalcone leads to Higher Expression of Edema Reduction

Debarshi Kar Mahapatra, Ruchi S. Shivhare , Shilpa S. Borkar

The tert-butyl-murrayanine-chalcone exhibited potential significant anti-inflammatory activity emphasising on reduction on production of edema, acting by on cyclooxygenaseand and lipoxygenase …

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Gene Therapy: New Therapeutic approach to Diabetes Mellitus

Shilpa. S. Borkar, S. B. Wakodkar, P. S. Raghatate, D. K. Mahapatra

Gene therapies for the management of T1DM are performed in preclinical studies. Several gene level interventions and options on human is in trial …

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Autpohagy: Self Eating Process

Ashik Chhetri

This review includes the regulation of autophagy, mechanism comprises of initiation, formation, membrane expansion, and fusion with lysosome …

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Chemopreventive Approach of Garlic to the Gastric Carcinoma

Monalisha Sengupta

Garlic shows chemopreventive activity on Helicobacter pylori induced gastric carcinoma on prolong use …

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