Marine zooceuticals– synergy of zoology & pharmaceuticals

Dipan Adhikari1 and Subhabrata Ray2*

1 Dept. of Botany, Hooghly Mohsin College, Hoogly, WB.

2 Dr. B. C. Roy College of Pharmacy & AHS, Durgapur, WB.



In the medicine world now a new term zooceuticals is often heard. It is a term, which deals with the influence of drugs of zoological origin on pharmaceutical science. There are several medicines, which are used, now-a-days and their origin is from animals. Most of these drugs are proteins / peptides in nature. With the coming of sophisticated technologies to separate, characterize and mass produce proteins and peptides, the research on potent drugs of zoological origin is fast catching up and may be in the future provide with much needed breakthrough in several deadly diseases. The purpose of this review is to shed some light on some of the most prominent molecules of potential to be established as drugs of future. Most of these promising candidates have come from such uncommon organisms such as snake, bats, lizards, etc, and often very potent and toxic in higher doses. Some other rare species like desert pupfish, which can be used for human kidney disease, different species of snake whose venom contains derived toxins, are used in treatment of cancer.1 The foregoing facts are only a glimpse at the huge resources with which nature is waiting for us to explore her, particularly the animal kingdom. An attempt has been made to point out the importance of zoology in the field of pharmaceuticals, with focus on pharmaceuticals obtained from marine source.

Keywords: Zooceuticals, marine pharmaceuticals, Toxins,

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