Nanopiezotronics in Biological and Medical Field

RatnaJyoti Das, Priyanka Yadav and Bhaskar Mazumder*

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dibrugarh University, Assam, India


A new research field, nanopiezotronics refers to generation of electrical energy at nanometer scale through mechanical stress to the nanopiezotronic device. This is the new approach of the potential of converting biological mechanical energy, acoustic/ultrasonic vibration energy, and bio fluid hydraulic energy into electricity, representing a new way for self-powering of wireless nanodevices and nanosystems. Nanopiezoelectronic devices include nanowires, nanogenerators, sensors and transistors are playing crucial role in nanoscience and biotechnology as well as biomedical applications. The perspectives of the potential applications of the silicon nanowires for biodetection and drug delivery are very crucial to the biomedical field. Thus, the concept of “nanopiezoelectronics” is introduced as a set of approaches to engineer the nanowires and nanodevices/ nanosensors and to enrich their functionality and potential applications in nanoscience and biotechnology for the upcoming future.

Keywords: Nanopiezotronics, nanodevices, biodetection, drug delivery and biomedical field

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