Microencapsulated Ketoprofen Loaded Suppositories for Rectal Administration

Abinash Malla*, Radhesh Badatya, SibaSankar Pradhan

Royal College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Andhapasara Road, Berhampur

*Correspondence: abinashmalla222@gmail.com


The present work aimed to develop ketoprofen loaded microparticle based sustained release suppositories for rectal administration in order to enhance bioavailability of the drug as well as overcome first pass metabolism after effects associated with the active ingredient thereof. The microparticles were developed by ionic gelation technique while the final suppository system of the optimised microparticle formulation was developed by melting method. The optimised batch of the encapsulated system F3 showed high entrapment efficiency and better mucoadhesive strength. It also showed a good sustain ability of the drug release for approximately 12 hours; which can be significantly adopted for alternative route of administration of ketoprofen in order to overcome hepatic adverse effect associated with the drugs frequent administration.

KEYWORDS: ketoprofen, ionic gelation, mucoadhesion, suppositories, rectal administration, first pass metabolism.

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