IPN based Drug Delivery System for Drug Delivery and Biomedical Application

Avirup Biswas1, Arpita Pau1l, Sancharee Monda1l, Sanjoy Kumar Das2, Rajan Rajabalaya 3, Kajal Ghosal1*, Sheba R David3*,

1 Dr.B.C.Roy College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Sciences, Durgapur, India

2 Institute of Pharmacy, Jalpaiguri, Govt. of West Bengal, Pin: 735101, West Bengal, India

3 PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Darussalam

*Corresponding author : Kajal Ghoshal: kajal.ghosal@gmail.com

ND Sheba Rani: sdsheba@gmail.com


Interpenetrating polymeric network (IPN) has been discussed for many years for its potential application in drug delivery area. They have been argued, patented and exploited for a long time. However, its applications are not wide still now. This review has tried to summarize some potential applications of IPN in drug delivery as well as in tissue engineering .

Keywords: Interpenetrating polymeric network; Drug delivery; Tissue engineering

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