Brain specific drug delivery is a process of passing therapeutically active molecules across the Blood brain barrier (BBB) for treating the brain diseases. Most of the therapeutic agents do not reach the brain due to the tight junction presence in between the epithelial cells. Formulation of brain specific drug is a challenge for formulation scientist to treat several brain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain cancer, trauma and cerebrovascular disease etc. Above-mentioned problems may be overcome by using different techniques like intracranial pumps, viral gene therapy, intra nasal therapy, intra-arterial therapy etc. But such methods have facing various difficulties like brain surgery or required some modification of drug molecules. V-smart nanomedicine is a newer technique which may be used in near future to overcome the problem related to brain targeted drug delivery system. In this system therapeutic agents are successfully reached into the brain without disrupting BBB and also it has high encapsulating efficacy. The innovative v-smart drug delivery is universal, versatile, flexible and able to overcome difficulties or limitation associated with other brain targeted drug delivery system. Under the V smart nanomedicine different products are under trial phase, various preclinical test is done for procure the foremost effectiveness. The objective of this review article is to describe the different approaches for delivering drug in brain and also characterization of the effectiveness of V Smart nanomedicine with its significance.

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